You can help kids find a home!  Reblog this video.

We adopted from foster care and our son Silent One is one of the best things to have ever happened in our lives.   This holiday, help give children what they really want – a family and place to call home.  Please re-blog this message to let people know great kids are waiting to be adopted!

As an extra bonus, Blog­gin’ Mamas and Ele­ment Asso­ciates are donat­ing a toy to a child in fos­ter care for every blog post shar­ing this infor­ma­tion, up to 25. 

Today, 402,000 chil­dren are in the fos­ter care sys­tem in the United States. Nearly 102,000 chil­dren (under 18 years of age) wait­ing for adoption.

Dur­ing this hol­i­day sea­son, there’s an extra push to help them find homes. The U.S. Depart­ment of Health and Human Ser­vices, Adop­tUSKids and the Ad Coun­cil recently unveiled a new series of pub­lic ser­vice adver­tise­ments (PSAs) designed to con­tinue to encour­age the adop­tion of chil­dren from fos­ter care with an empha­sis on the impor­tance of keep­ing sib­lings together.

Check out this PSA video from the Ad Council:

Can They Feel the Love? Foster kids and Interstellar

I must confess to a strange thing I do.  I send my love to foster kids waiting to be adopted on AdoptUSKids.  I look at their pictures, say a little prayer for them, and then send them my love wherever they may be.  It’s a heart felt wish for them to find their forever families, to know they are valued, to stay strong despite all the tough curveballs life has thrown them.


Well, I’ve kept this secret to myself for quite some time.  Because isn’t this a little weird?  My husband rolls his eyes when I say I think loving these waiting kids from far away makes a difference.

But then I watched the movie Interstellar and Anne Hathaway has this monologue about love.  She explains that love and gravity are the only two things that transcend time and space.  So, apparently other people feel like you can send love across long distances and that love can make a tangible difference in that person’s life.

So tell me, is looking at AdoptUSKids and giving my heart to the foster kids a little strange?  A lot strange? Or like a prayer, completely capable of working a mini miracle?