Adopting is off… or not?

Last time I blogged about this crazy situation which led us to consider adopting a teen from foster care who is waiting to be adopted.  So, what did we decide?

The teen girl we were considering adopting is being adopted by her current foster mom.  Yay!  Because that young lady and her soon-to-be forever mom will make a great family.

But I have to confess something embarrassing.


The AdoptUSkids profile was actually of another child.  Who didn’t have a family yet.  Which led us to soul searching about whether or not to consider adopting her.

Hubby and I did not reach the same conclusions.  Yikes!

My thoughts were that we saw her photo and description and wanted her.  Surely we could at least learn more about her.  Maybe this was meant to be.

My husband was more comfortable with re-opening our home for regular foster care next month and, if those kids placed with us end up needing a new family, we’d be able to decide based off knowing who they are and how they fit into our existing family.

When it comes to adding a new family member, everyone needs to be onboard.  So, no to adopting that young teen.

And yes, to being open to adopting some unknown child(ren) of unspecified ages, gender, backgrounds at some possible point in the future.


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