Foster Care Grocery List

Foster kids bring lots of changes into their foster family’s home.  When I buy groceries, the cashier always gives me funny looks and sometimes ask me about my eclectic tastes.  Just for fun, here’s my grocery list for today.

Rice, seaweed, ramen, dark sesame oil, soba noodles, bok choy, sushi,

Adobo con naranja agria (seasoning with bitter orange), tortillas, cotija (type of cheese), mangos,

Hamburgers, hot dogs, milk, fettuccine

How does one make sense of three different ethnic palates at one dinner table?  Check out my post on How to feed your foster kids and yourself to see why my grocery list hops and skips across different parts of the globe.

One thought on “Foster Care Grocery List

  1. For me, it wasn’t about ethnic palates as much as the larger concept of comfort foods. Hope wanted things that were not a part of my regular diet at all- ramen, vienna sausages, velveeta shells and cheese, sugary cereals, etc. I gave in to a lot of it because it was important for her to have things that brought her comfort and for her to see me love on her this way. Eventually she has lost interest in much of this stuff, though every now and then she has a hankering and I usually accommodate her. Of course I’ve gained like 15lbs in the process…smh.


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