Our Foster Case Made the News

There it was.  On NBC.  Staring at me right in the face.  The details of our foster kids’ case spelled out in full color.  On tv.  Online, too.  Reporters were talking to the children’s neighbors.  They were trying to find out where they live (with us!).

We haven’t told the children.  What could we say?  What should we say?  We’ve been talking about switching their schools any way, so maybe this is just another argument for doing so.

Since this is a criminal case, all the details are out there in the public eye.  That’s what hurts the most.  Even though the kids don’t know, it breaks my heart that people are reading about the most intimate, painful, dark moments of the children’s lives.

2 thoughts on “Our Foster Case Made the News

  1. Poor children. It is heartbreaking to know the public knows so much about them when they have no control or choice in the matter.


  2. Oh my! This has always been a fear of mine over the years as Foster/Adopt Parents. Keep making a difference and I pray you have the wisdom needed to handle the entire situation as best you can for the kids and your family!


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