Take Your Wins Where You Can

Did I mention that our quasi-permanent foster son Watchful and our foster daughter Joyful do not get along well with their brother Jumping Jack, who usually lives with a different foster family?  And that we somehow still agreed to do respite for Jumping Jack?  (You can give me the “what were you thinking” look of incredulity here)

So it has been a very long 11 days.   And maybe we have been secretly counting down the days until Jumping Jack’s foster family comes back.  But hubby and I had to burst out laughing when Watchful’s therapist  came out from a session with him, looking completely exhausted and asked “how much longer will Jumping Jack be staying with you?” Hilarious that she was so relieved that he’ll have returned home before the next therapy session.  And even funnier that we still have 6 more days and she wryly wished us “good luck with that.”

Wow.  That must have been quite the harrowing therapy session.  In some weird way, kinda feels good to have a pro be stretched by his behavior in just one hour and we, heavy weight champion foster parents, have survived 11 days!!!

You may have heard how factories say “37 accident-free days.”  We kinda have something like that at our house during this respite, except  we say “combat-free days.” Technically, we have never made it past zero combat-free days.  Or even zero hours.  (We did rack up some nice 15 minute stretches, though.) Unless we count when they’re sleeping.  In that case, we are on a roll baby.  No fights since they went to bed two hours ago.   We be jammin’!

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