Going to Court In 15 Minutes

So, we are going to leave in 15 minutes to take Joyful and Watchful to court. As I mentioned earlier, the State wants their testimony against one of their parents who is up on criminal charges.

Joyful, per usual, is keeping her equibilium. I don’t know how she does it. Watchful is doing quite well today (thanks, Wii video games!), but skipped three out of the last five meals and melted down for a solid hour yesterday. But maybe that’s ‘cuz he’s also struggling with having his baby brother, 4-year-old Jumping Jack, here. Oh, yeah, did I mention we’re doing respite for 2.5 weeks?

One thought on “Going to Court In 15 Minutes

  1. I love your blog posts. This one really gives you a look inside what happens inside the CPS and foster care system. The idea of the children testifying makes my heart melt a little. I hope they make it through alright. Thanks for the post and the descriptions of the children.


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