Yes, I have My Own Social Worker

Can I brag for a moment about my county’s foster care office?  Sure, there are hiccups (it is part of the government bureaucracy, after all), but they have social workers whose only job is to be advocates and resources for foster parents!  Wow, does that come in handy!

Take for instance my efforts to get Watchful emergency therapy for his self destructive behavior.  The kids’ social worker is a newbie, and while good hearted, she’s still learning the ropes of her job.  It’s been weeks since Watchful began hurting himself, and the kids’ social worker was still working out how to get the therapy authorized.

Enter my personal guardian angel social worker, who I will call Gorgeous Soul.  She used her insider clout to light a fire under the kids’  social worker.  Gorgeous Soul empowered us by letting us know what to do if Watchful’s situation deteriorated further, informing us of how and where to take him for emergency mental health services.  She gives the absolute best pep talks.  And when a certain somebody was dismissive of our concerns, implying we were over reacting, she came roaring to our defense.

Maybe 12-18 months ago, our county began the program of social workers for foster parents as a way to retain foster homes and ensure foster parents were a valued and integral member of the foster care team.

Mission accomplished. Well done, Department of Family Services.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I have My Own Social Worker

  1. What a blessing! The county I used to foster in had the same thing and my worker was PHENOMENAL! Like you, she was the one who got me what I needed during my first placement and when the child’s worker didn’t answer e-mails or calls (which was pretty much always) I always was able to reach her for help and advice. So glad you are experiencing the same thing!!!


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