Why Adopting from Foster Care is Awesome!!!

Erin at No Bohn’s About It made a super fun (and true!) list of The Best Things about Adopting Through Foster Care.  I’ve added a few more reasons.  What would you add?

6.  Older Kids Are Way Fun.  Many kids available for adoption from foster care are toddlers, school age, or teens – which means lots of fun.  You can play and hang out with older kids doing things that you enjoy, too.  Shoot hoops, do yoga, finger paint, shop for sparkly t-shirts, discuss favorite book characters, paint your nails together, etc.  The best part of older child adoption is skipping out on poopy diapers and 3 a.m. feedings.

7.  Siblings Multiple Family Fun.  When you adopt through foster care, you can adopt sibling groups, which can double or triple the family fun.  Siblings act as built-in playmates, help each other with homework, and look out for each other.  As they grow older, bio siblings have a friend who can truly understand what it means to grow up adopted in YOUR specific family while having the same heritage (e.g. sharing the same genetics or pre-adoption experiences).

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