Update: Said Yes to 3 Babies!!

Friday, the foster care agency asked us to take in three baby boys age 2 years, 1 year, and 4 months who might be entering into foster care this week (check out how that call went).

Yesterday, the social worker told us that we’d have to have 3 car seats, cribs, and some baby gates all in place when the babies were dropped off at our house – if the babies came into care.  (We need to prove we have safety items and she needs to see the bedrooms set up.)

Since our preference is 5-12 year olds, we don’t own baby gear.  We were going to wait to beg, borrow and steal buy baby paraphernalia until we heard whether the babies were coming into care.  But if the judge decides kiddos should be in foster care, we could be welcoming babies into our home one hour after we’re notified.

See the logistical issue here?  If I get stuff beforehand, the boys might not come and I’d end up with a bunch of bottles, diapers, etc. collecting dust.  If I don’t have stuff on hand, I might not have time to run out and get it between the agency’s call and children showing up on our door step.

So.  I made a list of the very bare minimum: carseats, cribs, bedding, baby gates, bottles, and formula.  I found friends to lend me some things (and they provided some extra items, too) and bought other stuff, but kept receipts.

In going through the attic, my husband found a box of baby stuff that somehow escaped our attention before.  So I sorted through it and pulled out blankets and clothes in appropriate sizes.  Of course, having been tucked into a corner and forgotten for years, everything needed to be washed, so several rounds of laundry ensued.

Then, we had to disassemble some furniture to make room for the mounds of baby stuff.  And assemble a toddler bed.


Now it’s more waiting.

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