Turning Down 2 More Placements

Timing can be everything in life.  We’ve been waiting for a placement for a while now, and we just had to turn down two separate placements.

Did you notice the three week pause since my last posting?  Here’s the story of what’s been going on.

My husband got a call from a social worker about a placement, which is slightly odd as the foster agency knows to call me on three different numbers before calling his mobile phone.  The social worker apologized for calling him, but noted she couldn’t get hold of me on any of my phones.

“Uh, my wife is in the middle of getting an MRI, because she’s going to have surgery in a few hours,” he explained.

“Well, I was calling about the placement of a darling boy, but it sounds like the timing is off,” she said.

Yes.  So true.

Fast forward 10 days.  The social worker calls again with a placement of two sisters, an 8-year-old and 6-year-old from a wealthy family.  The older girl had health issues and her speech was difficult to understand.  Were we interested?

I had only been home two days after a stint in the intensive care unit and several days in a regular hospital room, post-surgery.  I was mobile, but definitely still in recovery mode.  Though it broke my heart to do it, we turned down this referral, too.

Sigh.  When will the stars align?

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