Foster Kids are Amazing: Inventors

Does your kiddo love to build things out of Legos or experiment by combining any two things left lying around?  Well, walk that kiddo into the kitchen, point to the microwave, and tell’em that a foster kid invented the microwave.

Percy Spencer grew up in a rural community. His aunt and uncle fostered him, because his father died when he was 18 months old, and his mother left home.  Sadly, his uncle died when Percy was just 7.  When he turned 18, he joined the Navy and began to learn about radar.  He later left the Navy and began working for a company called Raytheon.  Percy was working with radar technology when he noticed that a candy bar melted in his pocket when he went near one of the machines.  Observing this phenomenon, Percy began experimenting until he invented the microwave.

I’m imagining your curious foster kids tinkering around until they design something that radically changes how everyone lives.  Can you see it, too?

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