Foster Kids are Amazing: Fashion Divas

Does your foster kid love fashion?  They may be surprised to learn that famous fashion designer Coco Chanel was fostered by nuns after her mother died when Coco was just 12.

Her fashions were so famous she ultimately became one of the richest women of her time.  Perfumes bearing her name are still popular today.  Maybe you can take your little divas to the perfume counter and smell all the Chanel brand perfumes.

Bet your foster kiddos have tons of creativity and have a bright future ahead of them, too.

*  Be forewarned.  Like many famous people, Coco Chanel is associated with a controversy and may have been prejudiced against Jews.  You may want to use this controversy as a way to discuss prejudice and why its unfair to judge people by their ethnicity.

Want to learn about another way to connect your foster kid with a famous former foster kid?  Check out my earlier post Foster Kids are Amazing:  Boy Scouts.

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