Meeting the Placement People! – Good job, Foster Care System!

Big news!  Our social worker wants us to come to the office and meet the placement workers next week.   In our county, we have a lot of different social workers for foster care.  The placement workers specialize in deciding which home a foster child should live in.  So, the placement specialists want to get to know us better to help them determine which children would thrive in our home.

Knowing Foster Parents Is Important

I really like the fact that the people with the huge responsibility of choosing which family should nurture and cuddle and ride out the storm with a foster kid are not satisfied by simply reading our home study or talking to our assigned social worker.  They want to know US.  They want to personally see our faces, talk to us, know who we are as people, what makes us tick, and what life would be like for a child in our home.

It’s good to feel like they see us as individual human beings and even better to feel like they see the children in care as unique and deserving of the extra effort to ensure they have a home that fits their needs and wants.  The placement workers don’t believe in sticking a kid into any, ol’ home with an available bed.  They want a good match for parenting style, temperament, likes and dislikes, religion, and culture.

That Pesky Voice in My Head Needs to Get It Right

But it is a little bit scary.  Once again being evaluated.  I am going to remember though it may feel like being judged….

…it really ISN’T about being judged.

And while sometimes, I may wonder about my abilities as a foster parent, especially early in the morning before coffee…

… the truth of the matter is that we are a good foster family!   And by having a little chat (maybe with coffee?) they get to know all the good things we can offer kids in need of a soft place to land while their parents work on putting their lives back on track.  It’s about them knowing about the things we believe in.

I haven’t really heard about other foster care agencies working this way, with social workers be specially designated for representing the kids, different ones representing parents, and another set dedicated to being resources for foster families.  Anyone else have a similar experience?

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