Changing Your Foster Kid’s School

Your social worker asks you to drive your foster children to their before-foster-care school.  It’s 30 minutes away!  That’s a whole lot of time wasted in the car, right?  First, check out how to make the most out of foster care drive time in Should You Drive Your Foster Kid?.

And then check out how much foster kids lose for every time they have to change schools.  Data is for California, but can be extrapolated to foster care in general.

Source:  Attorney General’s 2014 Report on California’s Elementary School Truancy and Absenteeism Crisis.

When you’re thinking of changing your foster kiddo’s school, ask yourself if it’s worth your child falling half a year behind their peers.  What if this is your child’s second or third move?  What are the odds that your foster child will need to change schools in the future?

Sometimes the answer is yes, a move makes sense.  But sometimes, the time you spend behind the wheel driving your kid back and forth is time truly well spent.

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