Support for Drug-Addicted Parents

Dear Drug Addicted Parents:

I’m in your court.  And there are many more people like me who are cheering for you.  We are here to encourage you to kick the addiction.  Not just the physical addiction, though God knows that’s difficult enough in its own right.

Changing Your Life is Tough

Finding a new way to live is never easy.  We understand that and are rooting for you as you forge a new path.  Perhaps you are trying to change who you hang out with, trying to find friends who value you for who you are, who get what it means to struggle, but don’t rely on drugs for release.  We are searching for people who love us for us, too, desperately wanting that human connection.

Maybe you are figuring out new ways to handle stress that doesn’t involve smoking or snorting or shooting up.  If one thing is true, it’s that we all feel stress.  And we have bad ways of dealing with it, too, like overeating, like losing ourselves online, or getting bitchy towards people who don’t deserve it.  We are trying to get rid of these cruddy habits, just like you, and trying to replace them with exercise, journaling, and other positive stress releasers, but it’s not easy and we often fail.

Forgiving Yourself is Tougher

During your addiction, you’ve hurt people you love.   Can you live with yourself, knowing you have neglected your own child?  Can you live with yourself, knowing you caused your baby to be born with disabilities?  Can you live with yourself, knowing that your child’s childhood and innocence has been stolen from them?  To get truly clean, you must forgive yourself for what many in our society view as unforgivable.

But know that everyone has done something horrible in their lives.  And any honest parent will tell you that they have failed their children many times, in many ways.  Because we are all human, and we all make mistakes.  We have done things we are not proud of, that we are deeply ashamed of, too.

Here For You

So we will be here for you.  Because we are alike in so many ways.  We will take care of your kids for you as you truly get clean, getting rid of the chemical dependence, transforming your life, and forgiving yourself for being human.  We will hug and love on your children as if they are our own so you can have the time and space to truly focus on making this miraculous change.  And we will not be hating you, as you fear we might.  We will be seeing ourselves in you and encouraging you to be the best you can be.  We love your children and we love you, too.

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