Foster Care… What it’s Really Like

It can be really hard to imagine what foster care really feels like.  How does a social worker talk to children about why they are in care or a prospective adoption?  Is it weird when siblings meet up with each other after being placed in different homes?  What happens during birth parents’ final visit before their children are adopted?  How can a birth mom fight to get her kids back?  What does a meeting of social workers and foster parents look like as they decide what is in a child’s best interest?  This powerful video shows what it’s like to be foster kids, the birth parents, the foster parents, and the social worker, living with uncertainty and having to make heart-rending decisions.

Although set in England, this video truly captures the complexity of foster care.  It shows just how human all of the people involved are and where their hearts are at.  Even though the video is long, I highly encourage you to watch it!!

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