Will the Grinch Steal Christmas??

My social worker Angel emailed yesterday.  Apparently, her supervisor moved our home study up in the approval process since we said we are willing to be respite parents over Christmas.  A lot of foster families want to travel over the holiday or have a break from fostering, so there’s a need for short-term fostering.  It’s kinda like babysitting for a few days up to a few weeks.

Imagine getting a kid…or two…or three for Christmas.  Sounds like the best present ever!  This was my initial thought.

Then I remembered that Silent One used to subconsciously sabotage every holiday.  As in throw himself to the ground screaming when we tried to open presents.  As in run out the door while I prepared the holiday ham.  Or say mean things to make his sister cry.  Ugh.  I don’t miss those days!

So have I just ruined Christmas?  Will we be doomed to tears instead of joy?  I hereby vow to not let bedwetting, pulling the dog’s tail, or any other mischief take the sparkle out of our merry making.  You are my witnesses – hold me to it.  We will find ways to be happy, come what may!!

2 thoughts on “Will the Grinch Steal Christmas??

  1. Oh how I understand this. There’s a possibility the “grinch” could steal our Christmas as well. While I’m not looking forward to the possibility of that happening, I also wonder how we could not move forward in love.

    I’m loving your blog. You are following me at All About A Love Story, but I have moved everything over to http://www.ShadowstoSunbursts.com I’d love for you to follow me there!


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