Code Names for Foster Kids

So I’m sitting around wondering when we’ll actually get a placement.  I’m sure there’s a million and one practical things I could be doing, but… I’ve been sipping tea and day dreaming about the children we’ll welcome into our home.  So forget about whether the bedroom is ready, about figuring out what clothes, toys and supplies I need on hand.  I’ve got some VERY important things to consider.  Like what will I call these kiddos on my blog?

My list of potential blog code names for my potential foster kids:
  • Crunchy – a little bit sassy, but you gotta admire her/his zest for life
  • Slip – shy and  hesitant, with the power to melt your heart
  • Zorro –  a swashbuckling, bold child with a hint of mystery
  • Snowball – icy demeanor on the outside shields a fun-loving inner spirit
  • Sprite – good at heart, but has a mischievous gleam in his/her eye
  • Button – As in “cute as a button” and utterly huggable
  • He-Man or She-Ra: Masters of the Universe – a touch bossy, yet possesses the inner strength to take on the world
  • Indigo – quiet with deep thoughts, you could get lost in this child’s eyes
What would code name would you use for foster kids on your blog?

4 thoughts on “Code Names for Foster Kids

  1. Names are so important to our family. In particular, we want our kiddos to have names that speak blessing and meaning into their life. We even legally changed our biological kids middle names, so that we could pray the meaning of their name over their life. For the children in our care & for the purposes of what you are speaking of, we give them each a name when they come to us (we don’t call them by that name) that is what we would like to intentionally pray over his or her life while they are with us. For our first, his name meant “messenger of Gods salvation.” Our prayer was that God would use him and his situation to be a messenger of Gods salvation to his family and all who came in contact with him through the process.


  2. We hosted for Safe Families (similar to FC, but parent placed, often due to homelessness, or other temporary circumstances). Our first sib pair was Sassy Girl & Mr Jingle Pants on my blog, because the night we got them, the 4 year old had change in his jeans, and kept rattling it (which was nice, we knew right where he was, lol) and Sassy girl was quite sassy for a 7 year old. Our second sib pair was Sparkle and Fluffy, ages 4 and 2 at the time. Our third group was Big Sis (who was only 3), Miss No (who I adored) age 2, and baby Gogo, age 1.

    I’ll agree with the commenter above. I wish I hadn’t “christened” Miss No with such a negative moniker. She ended up being my favorite of the 3. Maybe even all 7, really. I still hear from her parents every once in a while, and it’s nice to know they’re doing okay now.


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